Fun and unnecessary facts

One of many lovely lunches we had in south of Europe. Grilled octopus for lunch in a garden in Greece.
Whats not to love!?

  1. Last person I texted
    All 9 of my cousins, in our group-chat.
  2. Battery percentage
    64% Ambrose bought me a new HTC, so I am not stressed out with bringing my charger with me everywhere all the time any longer. The old phone drove me crazy.
  3. Do I have a crush
  4. Nickname
    “Nic”. Thats it! How sad that I have no more nicknames haha.
    In Sweden there is a saying: “Kärt barn har många namn” which means (more or less); “a loved child has many names”. I guess that’s just not me. haha
  5. Night in or go out
    What a hard question. I like both. But if have to choose one, it will be night in.
  6. Last song you listened to
    with Ed Sheeran. I have been listening to it on repeat since yesterday. That how I usually listen to music, I repeat on song over and over until I gag over the thought over it …. a weirdo, I know.
  7. Middle name
  8. Favorite place
    Oh…ehhh. My alone time in the mornings with a cup of black coffee at a cafe’. Anywhere together with Ambrose and my sisters/family. South of Europe. Like small villages in France or Italy is heaven to me.
    And this one might be embarrassing, but if I don’t at least mentioned it I’ll be lying – Restaurants. I just love the atmosphere of friends and family together on a large table with amazing food to share.
    So yes, restaurants. There I said it!
    This choosing only one thing/place might not be my thing…. 🙁
  9. Height
  10. Three facts about you
    I start and end my days with thinking and feeling of something that makes me happy.
    Drinking from a cup/glass that is wet on the outside is something I find disgusting (don’t know why)
    I have lived in 7 different countries. Persia, Germany, Yugoslavia, Sweden, France, Spain and now Australia.


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