Beautiful Australia

Beautiful Australia. Australia is so beautiful it’s crazy. Every time we drive somewhere, I am always amazed of the nature of this place. Today we woke up late and I went out to get us some breakfast. Toast, eggs and cherry tomatoes with a cup of tea. Then we picked up our take away coffees and drove to the beach. Ambrose surfed shortly and I tried to get a tan quickly. I say quickly because as soon as Ambrose comes up from the water he wants to leave straight away. To get him to lay around on the beach is not so easy.

We drove and got some necessary shopping done. Work clothes for Ambrose and a new dress for me. We are going to a wedding next Saturday and I wanted to get something. Could not find anything under stress so have to go back looking tomorrow unfortunately. Don’t like shopping at all. Love when its done but the actually shopping bit is not my thing.

Its going to be a short evening. Tacos for dinner shower rand then straight to bed. “See” you guys tomorrow.

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