Today we started our day with a beach day. Its the second day of spring over here and 21 degrees. But it was just a short beach day. We left quite early to Leonard’s house where the renovation was full on. At first I just felt I was in the way so I took Aiylaa and palyed around in the garden. We found fresh veggie’s and herbs. Just look at all this parsley! I took alot of it back to the house. Going to make tabbouleh tomorrow for lunch.

Ambrose took of his clothes for the renovation. He loves being with as little clothes as possible.
Any excuse he can get to take his be half naked he takes 🙂

After a while I got bored of playing, so when the boys asked if I wanted to help with the renovation I was excited. The whole house was painted in this old pink or and yellow paint. Started looking great as we painted it more and more in white. Still alot more to do with the renovation though. But its nice to see progress, painting is like meditation.

We gave the renovation 5 hours of our time, that was it. On the way back in the car we were discussing how renovating is such a hustle. We might skip major renovation on our house and maybe get one that just needs minor renovation. I was tired after just 5 hours! Imagine months of renovation!?

Anyway, because we want I day for ourselfs tomorrow we will miss out celebration of Ambrose’s father for Fathers Day. Instead we took him out for drinks and dinner tonight. The Thai just down the road is seriously one of the best Thai’s I’ve ever had. They always deliver. We shared fish cakes, Tiger prawns in creamy souse, seafood fried rice, pork pad e seew. And alot of drinks. Therefore I am absolutely exhausted tonight.

We are back at the house now. Having a massive open fire, wine and some chocolate. And someone just put on Tina Turner on full volume. hahah I need to go sing along.

Wish you guys a wonderful weekend.xx


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