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My camera is living its own life. I had to take the pictures of my new hair in this weird way, because my camera has decided to now only take pictures on “selfie mode”. And makes all my pictures yellow nowadays 🙁
But  love my hair! Thank you Samer.












I thought I would introduce you guys to my hair colorist.
I do have a couple that I go to depending on which country I’m in. This is whenever I am in Stockholm, Sweden.
His name is Samer and he is a genius when it comes to coloring. Since I originally have black hair its is quite hard to turn that into blond, which I have been for some time now. Anyone who have gone true this, knows that you cannot just switch from black to blond without an very good colorist. Samer is that, whenever I go to him, I can fully trust that he knows his job.
Its very important to do some research and be willing to spend some money whenever you want to color your hair. Otherwise your hair can turn orange or in worst case, you can completely damage your hair. Go to Samer if you are ready for a change with your hair, you wont be disappointed.

For more information on what he specifically did on my hair or for bookings follow him on Instagram : @samerhairstyles




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