Restaurant Ponds

The other day I meet up at Ponds with one of my friends that I had not seen in many years. I though it was about 8 years ago which is a damn long time. It was actually 13 years since I saw her last time…13 YEARS!
She had not changed one bit. Still beautiful on the inside and out. Funny and sharp haha .Think that is one of her qualities that I admire the most.
The way I would describe Måne Beate is something between; loose and careless mixed with elegant and graceful. Not many people can manage that. She does it perfectly.

While I was somehow trying to recap whats been going on in my life I realized how much can happen in ones life over 13 years.
And I loved hearing about her life, about everything that’s been going on. Life sure is a roller coaster, for all of us. Its the same, just different stories for all of us.

This time in Sweden I discovered something interesting about myself. I noticed that I “study” people I am interacting with in a more conscious way. And I’ve made sure to make a note for myself every time this happens. I read somewhere that instead of trying to learn something or do something from scratch, when inspired by something, for instant a quality someone has, we copy that. For instant, whenever I am with someone, I try to really listen to them, learn from their stories. And if I notice a quality that I like about them, I will implement that into my life.
I think we all do this subconsciously and that be dangerous. But if we notice this we can then choose just the qualities we want.
The reason why I even mentioned this is because of those qualities Måne has. Fun and elegant at the same time. Love that about her. We already made another date before I leave of course. xx


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