Spanish lesson

I can recommend this book if you, like me are on beginners level and want to learn Spanish. Like how simple and clean they’ve structured the book.

Noticed I look a little hunchback:d in the first picture 🙂 🙂 But its okey, I’ll give you that anyway.

Sitting here having my tea and trying to learn Spanish. Going pretty well I must say 🙂 Regret not taking classes and being a coward not practicing the language while I was actually living in the damn country!  But, no need to think about it now. Its done and I can start now instead. I do know quite alot, at least I do understand alot. What I need is to practice speaking. I’ve decided This is my book for the long flight back home. Traveling from Sweden to Australia gives you well enough hours to learn a new language haha.

Just wanted to look in and say hi. Have an lunch date with an old friend I haven’t seen in years so got to run. She is waiting downstairs to pick me up. More about that later. xx


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