There is no way around say it. Today I was bored. So damn bored! It was all boring. That rarely happens to me anymore so it was a strange an slightly annoying feeling. All I could think about was all the things I could do with my time, all the things I should be doing. But somehow I could not get myself to workout or study Spanish, NLP or whatever the hell is useful.
Instead I was just annoyed. Annoyed and disappointed of myself. I wanted to go outside for a powerwalk but it was raining all day. And whats shitty is that I could actually feel myself secretly enjoying that the rain stopped me from my powerwalk.

The only positivism I can get is that I am now that much “alert”, that much aware and conscious, that I get these moments. Usually we tend to just continue as we do/are, even if its negative, even if its harming us. Why? Because our mind loved safety, familiarity and focusing on fear. It takes alot of “training” to get out of the conditioned mind. The mind that just wants to continue in the same old patterns. Lazy piece of shit hahah.

So I went out on a powerwalk anyway. That is my only story of the day. Perhaps not so much fun but it is as it is today. Goodnight.


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