Grateful goodbyes

I just finished Tony Robbins  “Creating an Extraordinary Quality of Life” so I am pretty hyped hahah,  but I try to check in here anyway.

Before I continue about my day, I will leave the link to the Tony Robbins video I just watched at the end. Just in case any of you are curious… I did not just watch, I actually did every crazy thing he asks you to do. Try it for yourself.

Its been alot going on today as always when my family are together. Last night my little sister decided she was gonna sleep next to me. Manages to wake me up 3 times, whereas one of those times was to tell me that I breath strangely so she cannot sleep next to me….
She basically woke up all of us at one stage or another. Then I woke up around 7:30, we all had breakfast together and after run around doing some last minute errands. Came back to the apartment had a huge lunch because I wanted them to finish up everything in the fridge. And then the taxi came which was not so nice. We released that we are probobly not going to see each other for a at least a couple of months, maybe up to a year. And we all started crying. I love my family so much and I am so proud of them. All of them. As their cab was driving away, all I could feel was gratitude that they live in Barcelona where I know they feel great. Its comforting to know they are happy.



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