Helsingborg and Copenhagen

Promised I would give you some pictures from our days in Helsingborg and Copenhagen. We took ALOT of pictures so need to divide this into 2 separate posts. Lest start.

We are on our way ! After years we finally are at the airport together 🙂 Its early in the morning, non of us managed to get some sleep the night before. Excitement was an understatement of what we felt.After about an hour of flight where we disturbed the all the poor passengers around us with all out talk and laughter we landed at the smallest airport. Åsa was there to pick us up and we went back to their place to celebrate with some pick champagne.

After a couple of glasses of champagne 4 tipsy girls and one boy went out  to explore this absolutely stunning town.

Told you…very excited. The whole trip we have been laughing about this picture. From the left, Suzie looks like a the happiest person on this earth, no legs but still. We called her YOLO after this picture. The second weirdo, after this picture Michaela’s name was changed to Michael Jackson. She looks like Michael with a bad wig on. haha Ugliest jump picture in history.

After a long sightseeing and lunch it was time for this pretty place. Called Tropical and right on the beach. Since we were still full from lunch we started with some Irish coffee’s here and continued with rose’ for a couple of hours.

The evening plans changed to cheese, wine and board-games. The original plans was to go to a music festival and have a picnic. But this is Sweden. So we go from sunny to rain in like 2 seconds. That’s Sweden for you!  You have to be ready to change plans all the time because of the weather. But we didn’t mind as you can see.

Now its time for some stretching. I went to a Tabatah class this morning and feel my body is in desperate need to stretch.
Rest of todays plans are that I am going to watch some trash TV. hahah I know its not a big deal for people, but I never watch any TV so its a huge deal. 🙂

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