Just wanted to go in and say hi ! I have since Tuesday morning been in in Skåne. Together with some of my oldest and closest friends we took a plane to visit our friend Åsa. Its been almost one year ago I spent time with these girls, so clearly we had the best time. I just woke up in the apartment in Stockholm and if I can mention just one memory from our days in Skåne is laughter. I just remember laughing until crying over an over on this short trip.

More stories and pictures from my days with the girls later today. Right now I have a very excited (and slightly irritating 🙂 ) mother who is stressing me to get ready. Apparently the crown princes of Sweden, Victoria, has her 40th birthday celebration today. The city is crazy of course, filled with tourists and swedes who loves the royalties.
Stockholm is giving us sun today so I am looking forward to spend the day with Suz (mum) in the city. Its gonna be great. Like always, the only thing missing, that would make the day perfect is Ambrose.

Spend the day outside if you guys can! Come in here later for to see my recommendations on Skåne and Copenhagen. xx


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  • Rudiger

    July 14, 2017 at 11:05 AM Reply

    More Pictures!

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