lazy days in Stockholm

Here are some pictures from Thursday (when I arrived in Stockholm ) and from Friday. It has has been a good couple of days. Relaxed, spent with family and friends. I notice I have been away for quite a long time from the children. They are completely different from last time I spent time with them, they talk and they walk.

Sweden is green and pretty as I remembered. I go from one house to another, not a dull moment. This time, I have put a note in my calendar the dates people are away on vacation. I came to visit in July, in Sweden, this is prime vacation days. Everybody is leaving somewhere. And as I mentioned before, I have, as much as possible, eliminated stress and unnecessary drama from my life. That is why I put as much as possible in my calendar. That way I can organize and plan so that I can spend quality time with every person, and enjoy it. Where as before it was all stressful, I often felt guilty for not giving time to one person. Or people felt that I was neglecting them while I was visiting. Now, I make plans, both for my own and my friends and families benefit.

One thing I realized recently is that I am really proud over how much I simplify Life in comparison to before.
How easy I react to different outcomes. How effortlessly I let go of things that no longer serves me. And how much more harmony I experience in my life. Really proud of that.


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