Whale watching in Sydney

The morning before my flight to Europe we made sure to enjoy as much as possible. I am a person who usually wakes up at 6 am. I don’t need that many hours. Ambrose on the other hand needs his 18 plus hours of sleep haha. My love…
So I woke up, went out to out beautiful living area at our hotel and did a meditation. After that I sneaked to the bakery and got us breakfast. Fresh juice, ham and cheese croissant and a baguette. All hot from the oven !

We got ready and went out to the city. Ambrose had prepared a surprise for meĀ  and we had to be at a certain location at midday. I had forgot my handbag back at the house. Luckily for me Leonard (Ambrose brother) met up with us to give me my bag! Our meeting point was this cool place. Loved it!

The food-truck in the background served Lebanese dishes and were blasting absolute amazing Arabic music.
A must return to place for me….

My surprise was whale watching ! What kind of lovely person gives this perfect present <3
The best part was that the guide who has been doing these tours for years told us that we were unbelievably lucky. he said they had never spotted that many whales ever! There were around 30 enormous whales around us.
We literally had whales surrounding our boat.

After a couple of hours on the boat we meet up with some friends for some drinks and dinner at this cool Korean bbq restaurant. Such a fun place!! I am gonna find out the name of this place for you guys, because I can really recommend it. We finished the night off with ice cream before going home and falling asleep on Ambrose’s chest.
Perfect day from the moment I opened my eyes till I fell asleep <3


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