Wine tasting in Mudgee

Fireplace, great wines, amazing view overlooking the fields of grapes that you are sipping on. Whats not to like!?

One last stop before heading back home. HERE at Logan Wines

Ambrose and Heath always being “too friendly” hahaha. Such little creeps! Wonder what the poor woman who took this photo for us must have though…. 🙂

Beautiful beautiful Mudgee! Felt so good being back here.
I am planing to make you guys a list of my personal favorite wineries for wine tasting in Mudgee. Would you guys like that?
I have not yet been in Hunter Valley, which is probobly the most famous area for wine here in Australia. However, I do have alot of friends who has been there and they are all in agreement that Mudgee out-beats Hunter Valley. Its just a level of charm and authenticity among the wineries here that is very unique I think. Ambrose always tells me that we should buy a house here, and I have always told him no. But visiting Mudgee this time, I am really starting to change my mind. I would love to have a weekend getaway house here.

I will return with my list of “Must visit while in Mudgee” for you guys. Until then, get you Mudgee inspiration HERE


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