weekend in pictures

Monday here and I am happy, lots going on, but I am still and very happy.
Lets have a look of some of the things that went on during the weekend 🙂
Spend some time doing long walk with Ambrose, here we are in a very windy Coogee.  Ambrose had things to do so I asked him to drop me off in Bondi. As soon as I got out of the car I realized I left my phone, wallet, bus-card everything in the car. Did not have anyone’s number and started to freak out a bit when I realized I was stuck. Luckily I found a waitress who helped me out! Ambrose came back with my stuff and I could stay and do some work. With this view 🙂 🙂

We have become regulars at the Spanish Tapas restaurant down the street from us! They serve great breakfast. I had salmon, truffle eggs, avocado and I swapped my grilled tomatoes for grilled halloumi. I don’t like hot tomatoes, weird but what can I say…

As I said, we really like the Spanish place so we booked table for their Sunday tapas & sangria specials. We had reservation for 2pm, think we finally ended up there after 4pm… But we had Kathleen, Heath, Bart and Kali over for some pre-sangria at our place and we had so much fun so non of us wanted to leave. After a couple of hours of bar hopping and gambling (here in Australia its very common to go to a pub and bet on horses) we got hungry again. Or maybe it was drunk-hunger, who knows but we got into this very Chinese restaurant that always looks amazing and started ordering well, everything. I was too busy enjoying so missed taking pictures but damn it was soooo good! We are definitely going back and I suggest anyone who likes a bit elevated Chinese food do the same. Location is: 101 Miller St, North Syndey


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