Night out in town

Good evening! or good day if you are in Europe 🙂
Here are the rest of our night out last Thursday. Such a perfect night!

Started by taking the ferry again. best way to see most of Vivid I think.

I kind of wish they had the light show more often than once a year. I mean look at this magic!
We were all starving so after a quick stroll around the city, we headed to The Bavarian Bier Cafe’

The bier, the food, the shots, the service, the atmosphere….. GO THERE!

After almost 3,5 h of eating, drinking and doing shots we headed to next amazing place; a whiskey bar hidden in an alley.
I love love love this city. One of my favorite cocktails, whiskey sour. And here they know how to make them perfect.

I will update this post with street names etc to all these places later. I have to go set up our night, we have tapas with an old movie coming up 🙂 Its raining outside so this feel perfect on a night like this. Enjoy your evening. xx


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