Vivid Sydney

We are just back from our first Vivid night ! It was really good except the millions of people everywhere…. More about Vivid in Sydney tomorrow. Thought I was gonna give you some tips on the best spots to get to see Vivid.

Anyway, back home now and this is all we had at home so this was our dinner. It also happens to be 2 of my favorite dishes. Ambrose did not like it at all.
Its frozen spinach heated up with a bit of chicken stock and a soft boiled egg. And 2 minute chicken noodles with one teaspoon sour cream, tarragon and lots and lots of lemon / lime. Its so damn yummy. Nobody believes me when I tell them but it is, I promise hahah

Somehow I feel a bit sick again! I just got over one cold the other week and now again. So Im back in bed resting. Made myself and Ambrose tea with honey and lemon to get better. So nice to just get to chill sometimes, don’t you think?

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