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Friday evening arrived and we had 2 big events ahead. First stop was my acting group organizing a big dinner ( around 80 pp) in Pyrmont. I was in charge of dessert, a chocolate mousse, that did not go as planed. The taste was there but the texture of the mouse was more like diarrhea… 🙁
I cant do desserts !!!!

After the acting event we hurried back over the bridge. Jessica’s 30th dinner party was up next….
I had so much fun! Laughed all night of all their stories so not many pictures unfortunately.
The venue is so nice. Perfect if you are planning a dinner with friends. The outside area has open fire which makes it even more cozy, specially now during winter. Make reservations and check out their menu Here


Saturday morning. We had nothing booked in, the weather was amazing which is a perfect combination. We jumped into the car and decided to explore a new(ish) area here in Sydney – Petersham. This is known as the “Portuguese” area of Sydney, which means full of delicious Portuguese food. A big recommendation is restaurant Silvas.
They are famous for their chicken burgers and I now understand why! If you are in this neighborhood check this place out

Black coffee is a must after a heavy lunch like that.

Before heading back home, we drove by an area called Breakfast Point. We were walking by their lake and suddenly Ambrose slipped in the mud literately flew of the ground and crashed on his back. That was the end of our exploring since he was now covered in stinky mud 🙂 🙂

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