Chocolate mousse

What a day. I don’t know where to even start! But I can tell you this, this day has included a lot of everything you can possibly imagine, and more…

Don’t really have time to go into details nor do I feel like it either. I just sat down for a moment to write you guys and then I’m back at it again. Tonight we have the dinner for the Pyrmont community and we at the theater group are holding the dinner this year. Around 80 people are showing up so alot of food has to be prepared.  I am in charge of desert together with Josh. They decided on chocolate mousse. I have never made chocolate mousse in my life. In fact, I have never even MADE a dessert in my life. Savory dishes I know, sweets….not so much!
And for that many people 🙁

After that we drive straight back over the bridge because its Jess’s 30th tonight. Yeay!

Hoping my mousse sets in the fridge right now! Please, pretty please just set. One batch looks great but the other one is a bit runny still. Fingers crossed.

Be back later with some pictures from tonight. Until then, enjoy your Friday everyone. xx

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