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What a strange day we had over here! At least the first part of it. We got up late, had some breakfast and decided to watch an episode of Sence8 and wait until the heavy rain would stop. After that episode, and still rain we were just hanging out, playing with our phones a bit and starting to get well, extremely bored hahaha.
We went out for a walk but decided quickly that it was too chilly even though the rain stopped. So we jumped into the car and drove to Summer Hill, an area I never been too for some coffee.

Now back home for some inventive tacos.
I improvised this recipe because this is what was in out fridge and non of us felt like going out in the cold for groceries.It turned out to be fantastic. At least if I can judge myself 🙂

Prepare the meat as usual, onions, cheese and whatever else you have have. I do recommend the meat to be half pork, half beef. Just tastier that way.
Now, instead of iceberg salad and cucumber and stuff, I made slaw. This way you have an pre-made salad with all the goodies instead of butting them all in bit by bit.

Shred all these ingredients into an bowl :
1/2 pink lady apple – 3 dl kale – 3 pickled cucumbers – 1 carrot – 3 dl cauliflower. 2 tbs sour creme – 1 tbs mayonnaise – salt/pepper . Mix and enjoy inside a heated up wrap with the minced meat, tomatoes, onion and salsa.

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