Lamb shanks my way

Its right before bed but I just had to share this recipe of Lamb shanks I made for dinner tonight, it was too good not to share!

Brown the shanks in some olive oil for 5-8 min, then put them aside.
In the same pan, put in 6 gloves of garlic, i big onion, 2 carrots and 2 sweet potatoes, all in big chunks.
Put in 1 can of organic crushed tomatoes and a big splash of red wine.
Add chicken salt,fresh grinned black pepper, cover and put it all in the oven. 160 degrees for 2-3 hours.
Sooo Yummy!

Now to something not so nice…..while I was cooking I got splashed with the hot oil from the pan 🙁 on my left hand and arm. And….on my breast and nipple area 🙁 The pain was, well not so nice so I had to cancel acting tonight.
Ambrose forced me into the shower where I had to stand in freezing water for a long time to get the burning down. So yes its been a hectic night, so much for my ” lazy, resting at home day” haha.

Over and out, literally!

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