I’m lying in bed drinking ginger tea because I feel something is going on inside my body. So ginger is my secret granny remedy whenever I feel a bit sick. Its Friday and Ambrose made us a very tasty taco dinner, this time with chicken and a proper guacamole Mmmm! Rest of today has been good, studied ALL day. I am now determined to finish reading ” NLP for Dummies” I know I know, but this NLP stuff is really hard! Anyway, another good thing is that I met a girl from our building that I really liked and we accidentally bumped into each other at a coffeshop later that day. We got to talk for a while and I dont want to say much yet but we came up with some good potential ideas. We are meeting next Monday to take it further 🙂

I always think of my cousin Samira when I have Taco’s hahah we used to hate that she had this weird thing to make tacos for 12 people when it was only 4 or 5 of us. Remember how irritated we all used to get of this, and that she always ate so fast when we had tacos hahaha. Sounds funny now. Her f´favorite food are tacos and pancakes. Non of us wanted to eat those dishes with her ahahaha poos Samira, miss her alot! She would love Australia.
Here are some pictures of us one summer in Stockholm. Photographer is the talented, best (better than most actually 🙂 ) Hanie at


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