WheWhen we were children she used to look up to me. Now I look up to her 🙂

Us in NYC. She forced me to stay on top of the building from sunrise to sunset to get perfect pictures…

Hotel breakfast buffe’ is our hobby. I am not joking

In the philipines, Boracay many many years ago 💚

Lunch in Barcelona!

We drove for hours to find some Persian saffron ice-cream here in LA

In Las Vegas for work


Some days ago it was the birthday of this beautiful human being, my little sister Hanie. As I was looking around to find pictures of her I was overwhelmed, all I feel is pride and love and This girl has always been and still is the best, in every way. She is fun,extremely beautiful and truly kind. We have traveled alot together and as I am seeing all those memories we shared together I feel so grateful that I have the luck to have her as my sister. That might be a strange thing to say but its true, she has that kind of majestic elegance over her that is indescribable. Mixing that with how fun she is to hang out with, well can’t get any better than that can it!?

Everyone, exactly everyone that meets her and spend some time with her fall in love with her. I know its something people only say but it is true that Hanie is unique and rare and everyone who has her as part of their life feel lucky. And I am definitely one of those lucky once. All I wish is that her talent, beauty and kindness mirrors in the kind of life she truly deserves.

Hanie I love you more than I ever told you. Thank you for everything you do for me, Jasmin and mum.
And thank you for choosing to be my sisterbookmark, favorite, health, heart, like, love, scribble icon


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