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I have been organizing our Partner Visa since around 6:45 this morning. About 2 weeks ago we got notified by the Immi people that they have started to look at out application ( happiness!) and that we now have 7 weeks to give them the last part of the evidence. One is ” show evidence of joint invitations”. Because we lost all of our invitations we are now sending out stat declarations to a few of our friends where they can write that we were invited to their wedding or birthday etc. We thought to get from the Keebles wedding, Plain wedding and also Bart and Lenni´s 30th.
We finnished a couple of things they asked for. “10 photographs of us” and “evidence of contact during separation”. So happy to see that Partner Visa in my hands!!
Its raining which makes it feel good enough to sit inside and take care of all this. Ive been to 3 different coffee shops, the library and the Office store. Then I bought some sugar free gummy bears that made me feel so sick I had to rush home. Stupid candy….
Watched a movie alone in bed, which is something I never do, Daddy´s Home with Mark Wahlberg. Its was okey. And as I was lying in bed with candles and was starting to feel a bit better, the roof of our bedroom started leaking and water stared pouring down my side of the bed!
Now, hot shower and if I can, some dinner. I made a chicken pot with salad.

Todays recomendation: lunch at “Galley on Masons”. Looks like a cozy, small beach house. They have nice food, a terrace, wifi and great staff. Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

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