Pontiac & Pizza

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Still having my insomnia situation 🙁 Sometimes I look at the time and its around 4am. But Hanie told me to try and get up really early, around 5:30 am, just so I am forced to be super tired at the evening. So today I got up really early, had some coffee and continued our Visa process…Scanning, Attaching, Aaahhhhh!
Then I went to a professional studio to get some recent passport photos with the Australian goverment requirements such as: 35*45 , only face and shoulders, plain background and no smiles…what !??

Felt anxious for leaving the Visa process but we were invited to a friends place. He just bought a house and have a new girlfriend so I decided to take a break and had a really good time at Philips with his girlfriend Emma and their 2 funny dogs. Glad I went, especially since he drove us home is his Pontiac car. haha there were no seat-belts in this car and it made such laud noise so everyone was looking at us hahaha

Nobody wanted to make any dinner so we just went and had some pizzas around the corner later that evening.

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