July 27th 2016



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This day deserve its own heading because it will now forever be one of my favorite days. Ambrose sends me a screen shot of an confirmation from The Australian Government, stating that he has now paid the application fee for our Partner Visa! Over 6000 AUD but it is what is is.

Ambrose calls me and explains how stupidly exciting he felt when uploading our documents, evidence, stat dec etc. And now that Ive done it myself, ( both have to do it ) I see for myself how amazing it feels!!

Funny how something like that can be so satisfying !? hahaha
Love it!

Before all of this excitement my day looked like this; Morning PW, which is my favorite time to do that because nobody is out and that makes me feel like I have the whole world to myself….  and then in the photo studio with my little assistant Emilia.

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